BrainOS: Enabling Everyday Robots

BrainOS is a commercially focused operating system for everyday robots. Robots are not yet a part of everyday life because they are difficult to program, unable to adapt to changing environments, and are costly to customize at the point of use. BrainOS addresses these issues. It will enable a new era of low-cost, autonomous consumer and commercial robots that can sense, decide, and act by learning within different environments. Read more.

Offers easy development of new projects, making BrainOS ideal for hobbyists, makers, educators, students, and early stage commercial developers.
Includes algorithms for perception, navigation, manipulation, control, and learning in the BrainOS library.
Runs on low-cost computing hardware like the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Dragonboard 410c, and interfaces easily with Arduino controllers and components.
Enables interfaces to common peripherals like cameras, IMUs, GPS, and more.
BrainOS is available for free for evaluation purposes and for non-commercial development:
Fill out the form below to get the free version of BrainOS and be sure to check out the Community page (coming soon) for support. When your project is ready for commercialization, you can get a BrainOS distribution license or upgrade to BrainOS Pro for more advanced development. Brain Corporation’s Technical Services Team may also be able to provide assistance with your project if needed.
For more information on BrainOS, please visit the BrainOS Wiki and the BrainOS FAQ.


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BrainOS Pro addresses the interests of later stage commercial developers with challenging products and applications. BrainOS Pro includes all the features of BrainOS, plus additional library elements from Brain Corporation, third party libraries, additional development tools, and direct support from Brain Corporation.
BrainOS Pro is available on Brain Corporation’s bStem single board computer and hardware development kit and other platforms by request. Please contact us for more information on BrainOS Pro and how our Technical Services Team can work with you to develop your product.



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Artificial Brains

Geekbot Advanced with BrainOS

BrainOS is also available as part of a robotic kit. The Geekbot Advanced with BrainOS is a two-wheeled robot (with caster) with a camera and gripper. It’s sold by Trossen Robotics for $449.95. Click below to find out more.

Documentation on using BrainOS on the GeekBot Advanced is available here.
The BrainOS FAQ, overview, and library reference are available here.