bStem™™ Developer Kit & Integrated Robotics Platform


What is the bStem Developer Kit?

bStem™™ Developer Kit & Integrated Robotics Platform
Designed for educators and developers, the bStem™™ kit comes with everything necessary for a roboticist to start building robotic eyes with a brain – allowing users to get right to work. The small 3×3 inch PCB has an on-board Qualcomm Snapdragon S4-Pro processor acting as an advanced brain for robots. bStem has a wide array of sensors, synchronized stereo cameras, and programmable logic with a full desktop Ubuntu Linux distribution. Sensors and motor control functionality have been tuned for accurate timing, and the on-board FPGA provides low-level control and connectivity for many existing robotic standards. You can program bStem on and off the board using a Python and C++ API, which provides an easy interface to all sensors and controls. For convenience of developers we have designed three separate expansion boards built for use with bStem in RC vehicles, Lego®™ Mindstorms, and advance robotics.

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